Banana Republic Sleeveless Tux Dress at Park Place

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I love the new Banana Republic Sleeveless Tux Dress!  Not only does it hug every curve and express a certain sexiness in a completely professional way, the dress can be combined with many options to completely change the look of the outfit.

Sleeveless Tux Dress 1

While the Sleeveless Tux Dress is a… dress 🙂 , I had to try it out as a sleeveless coat (of sorts).  Wearing the dress unbuttoned and paired with the right supporting cast, it made me feel like star of the show.

Sleeveless Tux Dress 3

I recently purchased a Sleeveless Ribbed Turtleneck Sweater from Express.  This combined with the Logan-Fit Black Lightweight Wool Trouser from Banana Republic really changed the mood of the outfit.

Sleeveless Tux Dress 2

Playful but professional, I felt great walking around downtown San Diego.  I even had a few construction workers stop what they were doing to check out my look! 😮

Sleeveless Tux Dress 4

As you can see, the gold necklace from Express and the Banana Republic Linney Sunglasses really topped off the whole ensemble!

Sleeveless Tux Dress 5

Getting back to the initial look and intent of the Sleeveless Tux Dress that Banana Republic intended (as a dress 🙂 ) , I was really surprised how well it fit me.  Many times these types of dresses look great, but fall short in the comfort department.  Not true with the Sleeveless Tux Dress!  It followed my natural curves but the fabric has a slight elasticity that still allowed me to move and walk freely.

Sleeveless Tux Dress 6
Sleeveless Tux Dress 9

As you can see, the Sleeveless Tux Dress is designed to exude femininity without sacrificing class and professionalism.

Sleeveless Tux Dress 7
Sleeveless Tux Dress 8

Whether you are looking for a power dress for the office, a sassy look for happy hour, or just to look and feel like a sexy socialite who’s really got her stuff together; the Sleeveless Tux Dress from Banana Republic is one of the best choices you can make.

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