Book Hunting in a Bow Tie Crepe A-Line Dress by Kate Spade

bow tie crepe a-line dress

As many of you know, I’m an avid reader.  However, I had never been to the San Diego Central Library.  As luck would have it, I just received my new Kate Spade Bow Tie Crepe A-Line Dress (link) in the mail!  I have been dying to receive this dress for a while now, and when I put it on I couldn’t believe how amazing it was.  It is – oh so – classy and good for (just about) any occasion.  For me though, as soon as I put the dress on, I felt (well… sure pretty, but…) studious.

That may sound weird, but I decided that I felt like finding a nice cozy place to delve in to a new book.  Seeing as I hadn’t been to the main library downtown, I decided to check it out.

The only thing was, what to wear with my new Bow Tie Crepe A-Line Dress? (link)  Well, I was weak a couple weeks ago and I picked up some items from the Kate Spade Jazz Collection.  (PS – If you’re a cat lover – like we all know that I am – you don’t want to miss this collection.)  I decided to wear my new Cecilia Flats paired with the Jazz Things Up Cat Small Hayden purse.

The Cecilia Flats are very comfortable (these are for sure going to be one of my favorites 🙂 ), and with the cute little blue cat eyes how could you not fall in love with them?  The Jazz Things Up Cat Small Hayden purse looks great with the shoes, especially with the cute cat whiskers and perky little ears.  Paired with the Kate Spade Bow Tie Crepe A-Line Dress, I felt the outfit was perfect for a book hunt.

Once I got to the San Diego Central Library, I learned that this library has 8 floors full of books.  I always enjoy the fantasy books, so I spent some time looking around but quickly made my way over to the fantasy book section.   There are tons of books there, but unfortunately I didn’t find any book that grabbed me.  However, they do have a rare books section where I found a first edition Romeo and Juliet, a book I must confess I haven’t read yet. (but it’s now on my list)

Romeo and Juliet Original Copy

bow tie crepe a-line dress
bow tie crepe a-line dress

I did have a fun day though, and like I mentioned earlier the Kate Spade Bow Tie Crepe A-Line Dress is very versatile (not just for book hunting 🙂 ).  It’d be great for grabbing coffee with friends and even to wear to work, depending on what type of job you have of course.  Either way, you never go wrong with Kate 🙂

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