Cupcake Dress at the Candy Shop

Cupcake Dress

The only thing sweeter than a fully stocked candy shop is this Cupcake Dress by Kate Spade (formally called the Colorblock Fit and Flare Dress, but everyone refers to it as a Cupcake dress).  If you ever want to get treated like a princess, this is the dress for you. Walking through the mall is a real treat in this dress, and the silk blend feels cool against your skin.

Like most Kate Spade dresses, the Cupcake dress is very feminine.  You’ll look great, but beware – all eyes will be on you 😉  I must have received at least 20 compliments from men and women alike as they swooned over how beautiful the dress is.  You can’t help but feel beautiful and confident in this ensemble by Kate Spade.

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