Flowery Fiorella Dress and a Daisy Day by Kate Spade

Fiorella Dress Main

I’m surprised how many complements I got with this Fiorella Dress by Kate Spade!  Seriously, everybody (men, women – young and old) stopped me to ask about the dress and gave me tons of complements.

Fiorela Dress 2

It is just so flattering, how it makes my waist look smaller.  I love the flare on this Fiorella Dress.  It is perfect in the way it fits and is very fresh and comfortable.  Just what you want on a beautiful Spring walk through the park!

Fiorela Dress 3
Fiorela Dress 4

if you want to get noticed just wear this dress on a sunny day.  You will see how you get all the attention!

This Fiorella Dress is perfect for Spring or Summer.  It is fun, the color is bright, and you’re guaranteed to get noticed.

Fiorela Dress 5

If you want to dress it down, the dress also looks stunning in a denim jacket and sandals. To dress it up just use a pair of your cutest heals. My opinion is that this Fiorella Dress by Kate Spade is a must have for Spring and Summer!

Fiorela Dress 6

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