Frolicking in Floral Strappy Dress – A Fun Day with Banana Republic

Floral Stappy Dress 1080 519

It was a sunny day today.  So I thought to myself “Why not go to the beach for some fun”?  The sky was a brilliant blue and the waves were friendly enough for a frolic. While my Floral Strappy Dress by Banana Republic dress was fresh and airy, it was made of linen.  I had to make sure I didn’t get it too wet.  However, I loved how the print stood out on the beach, and I received a couple compliments and some envious looks.

Floral Strappy Dress 3
Floral Strappy Dress 4
Floral Strappy Dress 2

Banana Republic is going big with colors this Spring, which is a refreshing change from the back, white, and earth tone designs from a few months ago.  This eye catching spring-time look is just the thing for a fresh sunny day at the beach, or lake, or stroll through the park.

Floral Strappy Dress 5

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