Floral Maxi Dress by Banana Republic is All You Need for Spring and Summer

Floral Maxi Dress Main

The dress that I am wearing today is the Floral Maxi Dress from Banana Republic.  I love the way that the dress allows you to look very feminine without sacrificing comfort, and somehow I felt pretty and powerful at the same time which makes the dress very versatile.  I can easily see how the Floral Maxi Dress can be a summer staple piece and be worn on a nice day at the beach, shopping at a Saturday morning market, or a semi-formal even like a company barbecue or daytime party.

Floral Maxi Dress 5.2

I think this dress can be worn by just about anyone.  The way the fabric lays is very flattering, and the fun and colorful print come together in the perfect combination of cuteness and fun.

Floral Maxi Dress 2.2

Sometimes, I feel the transition between spring and summer can be a challenge.  With the Floral Maxi Dress, you can’t go wrong.  The versatility of the dress, paired with the colors’ eye catching combination, means you don’t have to worry about trying to match the outfit with other pieces or accessories.  The print does it all!

Floral Maxi Dress 3.4

If you wanted to accessorize, you can easily add a bracelet which may give the look a nice touch; but I would avoid long necklaces as they will be covered and complicated by the tie belt.

Floral Maxi Dress 7

While you can probably wear any type of footwear with the dress, I can easily see wearing summery sandals or strappy heals capping off a stunning look with the Floral Maxi Dress.

Floral Maxi Dress 4

If you wanted to get adventurous, you could possibly try out a wide brimmed sun hat or even a properly placed head bow.  However, I felt the lay of the fabric, the cuteness of the print, and the way the dress carried the wind gave the look just what it needed.  There’s really no need to add much to perfection any way, is there? 🙂

Floral Maxi Dress 6

Any way you look at it, this dress is definitely one that we all need to have in our wardrobe!

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