If Anyone can Make Magic it’s Kate Spade with their New Collection

Make Magic
Jesse doing his best Bunny impression for the Make Magic Collection ;)

Kate Spade surprised me again with another amazing collection themed “ Make Magic. ”  This collection has the cutest pieces since the “jazz things up” collection earlier this year (as you may recall, this one included cats! 😉 ). On this occasion Kate Spade decided to give us the opportunity to wear rabbits!!  When I saw the Make Magic Rabbit Small Maise purse, I was like “I need it in my life and I need it now!”  The detail that made me fall in love is the back of the purse which has a lovely bunny tail. It’s just adorable!

make magic rabbit small maise purse

The Make Magic Rabbit Hallie Tote is also very cute, and is perfect for the girl that is on the go and needs a little more space for all the things we need.  It also has ears and whiskers to complete the look.

make magic rabbit Hallie Tote

If you love the collection and want to just dress up your current purse, there’s the Make Magic Bunny Pouf Keychain. The detail that I love of this key fob is the bow at the bottom.

Make Magic bunny pouf keychain

As with all Kate Spade wallets, the Make Magic Fluffy Bunny Lacey Wallet gives us plenty of space so we can carry all the credit cards we need for those much-needed shopping sprees most of us have from time to time.  Of course, it is complete with bunny ears and whiskers.

make magic fluffy bunny lacey Wallet

We definitely have to mention the jewelry of course!  It is sooo cute!! The Make Magic Rabbit Pendant is very fun with the rabbit is inside of a magic hat, (is that not so fun?)  And, what I can say about the Make Magic Rabbit Studs, Make Magic Rabbit Ear Bangle, and the Make Magic Rabbit Ring, they are all just so adorable! The Pave Bunny Mini Eldridge Watch has just the right amount of sparkle and a subtle rabbit design.  All the pieces are very cute and well made.

Lastly, we cannot forget about the Edina flats.  I’m totally in love of the bunny tail!

Make Magic edina flats

If you love Kate Spade novelty, as usual you won’t be disappointed.  All of the pieces are just perfect! They are feminine and elegant, sparkly, and cute with just a “just right” design – fitting the novelty theme without being overdone.  As usual, I am in love with all of them.  My only problem with this Make Magic collection is, I can’t decide which one is my favorite!


You can see the entire kate spade Make Magic Collection HERE!

Kate Spade Make Magic Collection

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