Summer Fun in a Multi Cape Stripe Shirtdress by Kate Spade

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It’s finally summer, and (as girls who love fashion) we still have some of our favorite pieces left over from spring that we aren’t quite done with yet.  For me, this Kate Spade Multi Cape Stripe Shirtdress is one of them.

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This is an easy to wear dress; and (as usual) Kate Spade dresses are very feminine, and the vibrant colors are very fun.

One of the things that I love most about this dress is that is lightweight because it is made of cotton. This makes the dress very fresh and keeps you feeling cool even on warm days, making it an excellent hold over from Spring.

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The pleats on the Multi Cape Stripe Shirtdress from Kate Spade provide a rich degree of detail and are really a difference maker from some of the other “look alike” dresses and brands out there.  It has that “feel” that you get when you are wearing a truly well-made piece of clothing.

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This dress can be worn pretty much everywhere.  I decided to wear it for a fun afternoon at the fair, and I liked how it held its shape well and didn’t lose its structure or it’s pleats even after a whirl on the carousel. I’m sure you’ll be able to find several occasions for the dress like I have.

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Right now this dress is on sale, but sizes are already starting to get sold out.  If you were looking for a fun, fresh, and flashy (in a cute way) dress; I would head to your closest Kate Spade store or see if they still have some online at

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