Pairing Kate Spade Pineapples with J.Crew at the Mill House

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Living on Maui you can find a lot of beautiful and hidden places and some very tropical places too.  Well, I recently decided to visit the Mill House Restaurant (link) in my Kate Spade Pineapples pieces and J.Crew Maxi; but this beautiful place is not just a restaurant.  They also have a zipline, a pineapple orchard, and of course a beautiful view! If you ever come to Maui this place and it’s surroundings are a must go!


Kate Spade Pineapples 1


One of my difficult challenges has always been finding the perfect maxi dress for my body type.  This is because I’m 5’8″,  and most of the time the maxi dresses I find are too short.  However, when I found this J.Crew Maxi Dress I decide to take a calculated risk.  Because on Maui there aren’t any J.Crew stores, I was forced to order it on line (making me nervous as to the fit).


Kate Spade Pineapples 2


When the dress arrived, I fell in love.  When I tried it on, most of the dress fit wonderfully; but my standard problem showed itself again.  The dress was a little bit short.



This only confirmed that next time I should order these dresses in the tall sizes, but (since I loved the dress so much) i decide to keep it and have some fun.


Kate Spade Pineapples 6


This dress is very summery to me, and I decided to pair it with my Kate Spade Pineapples 3d Bag.   I do have to say its been a while since I loved  a novelty bag this much, and living in Hawaii it’s the perfect bag.  Everybody who saw me commented how much they loved the bag and asked me where to get one.  Since they are so hard to get your hands on one, I considered myself lucky to have one.  To complete the outfit, I finished the look with a pair of Pineapple Statement Earrings and Pineapple Pendant also from kate spade.


Kate Spade Pineapples 5


If you love pineapples (like I do 🙂 ) these pieces are a must have for the perfect summer look!


Kate Spade Pineapples 4-2

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  • Kate Spade Pineapples by the Pool 3d Bag  Kate Spade
  • J.Crew Tieded Maxi Dress in Stripe  J.Crew
  • Kate Spade Pineapples  by the Pool Statement Studs  Kate Spade
  • Kate Spade Pineapples by the Pool Pave Mini Pendant  Kate Spade


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