Peggy Sues Diner – A Las Vegas road trip Must!

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If you live in Southern California, there’s a good chance that you have taken a road trip up the 15 to get yourself in a little trouble in Las Vegas.  It’s only 3 to 6 hours away (depending upon where you live), and is actually a very easy drive.  However, the monotony of desert brush and lack of anything around can get a little, well… boring.  This is especially true on your trip out TO Vegas when you’re typically super excited and ready for some major fun!  Fortunately there’s a cool little place called Peggy Sues Diner (Website), which is a 50’s flashback desert oasis which is just the right place to quench your thirst and fill your belly!

Peggy Sues Diner Las Vegas road sign

Peggy Sues is about as an original as you get.  This roadside Diner was built in 1954 with 9 counter stools and 3 booths.  It has since been expanded many times due to the overwhelming amount of business that they get from travelers to and from Las Vegas.

Peggy Sues Las Vegas 50s diner

Peggy Sues has a very cool feeling to it, bringing in families, party goers, honeymooners, and even the occasional biker gang and somehow it all seems to work.  There is some major history here too.  It was originally built from railroad ties and mortar from the nearby Union Pacific Rail yard.  Peggy Sues Diner has a certain charm about it that can’t be denied!

Peggy Sues biker stop

When you first walk in the front entrance (which resembles an old style jukebox), you are greeted by Betty Boop herself.  She seems to motion you to your right, as you pass by the original diner set-up and hear the clinging and clanging of pots and pans as the cooks whip up breakfast, lunch, and dinner all day long.  These clanks and clings somehow fit well with the 50’s music playing and waitresses taking orders through bubblegum smiles.

Peggy Sues Betty Boop 73264
peggy sues diner counter

Peggy Sues Diner is decorated with wall to wall memorabilia from the 50’s.  From Elvis to Marilyn to Roy Rogers to Paul Newman and everyone in between, it feels like you took a step back in time.  All of it is done in a fun way that is not “over-the-top” or in poor taste.  Sitting in Peggy Sues waiting for your meal is fun, entertaining, and bound to spur conversation.

Peggy Sues diner Elvis

Now down to the good stuff!  Peggy Sues Diner has one of the best diner menus I’ve seen.  All of it is delicious, although probably not super healthy, but is that why you’re really here?

Peggy Sues Diner menu

Every time I’ve been there, I’ve walked away with a big smile and a full belly.  It’s become part of the road trip, part of the fun, and a definite stop for me every time!

Well, I hope you get a chance to stop by Peggy Sues Diner on your next trip to or from Las Vegas.  I can assure you, you’ll have a great time, your belly will be full, and you might just make a memory or two!

Peggy Sues Carolina

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