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I’m not sure how much time you’ve spent on a wooden pier over the ocean, but for me it always has a unique feeling to it.  I don’t know if it’s the wooden floor boards chipped from weather and use, or the height over the swirling sea, or the slightest amount of sway that you feel as the waves crash below; but it always gives me a funny feeling of dizziness.  Walking out over the waves wearing my Banana Republic Heritage Print Lace-Up Dress, I couldn’t help but smile as the pier shifted and swayed beneath my feet.

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Banana Republic’s Heritage Collection is much like a “brand within a brand” limited-edition collection defined by timeless designs, authentic details, and luxurious fabrics.  The Heritage Print Lace-Up Dress fits this narrative perfectly.  The dress itself has a very nice fit to it and offers subtle enhancements to Banana’s already proven quality.

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The material possesses a solid structure to it enhancing the feel, while the firm but flowing nature of the finely printed fabric compliments your natural figure.  One of the things that I love about the Heritage Print Lace-Up Dress is that it possesses a flare off of the hips that was missing from many of the previous Banana Republic dress designs over the past year or so.

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Details like a sewn in slip and a lace-up yoke front that extends to the back demonstrate why this dress belongs in the Heritage Collection.  Priced at less than $200 this dress is really a bargain, given the quality from which it was made.

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While the features that it has and the craftsmanship from which it was made are all very valid arguments for the dress, what I love best is how I feel in it.  As I mentioned earlier, the waist based flare is something that I was missing from Banana for a while.  This is accentuated by the Empire tie waist, and it highlights a feminine frame.

Heritage Print Lace-Up Dress 6

The Heritage Print Lace-Up Dress comes in either a “Cocoon” or “Open Seas” color and is likely to sell out quickly.  For me, I’m glad I was able to wear this wonderful dress for a nice sunset walk on the pier.  (even though the pier’s wooden beams were dancing beneath my feet 😉  )

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