A Sunset Dinner Cruise on The Pride of Maui

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Aloha! When you live in a beautiful place like Maui, sometimes you forget that you live here and that there is so much to enjoy on the island. Well I found something very fun to do. Recently, I went on the Pride of Maui to enjoy one of their sunset dinner cruises.  While I’ve done many things on the island, I hadn’t been on a sunset or a dinner cruise (for that matter) since moving to Hawaii.  Obviously, I had to do a little research about what a sunset dinner cruise consisted of, what I should wear, what kind of food and drink they served.

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By doing a quick search on the internet, I found their website at www.prideofmaui.com.  I was actually very surprised to see all of the other activities they offered.  From Whale Watching to Snorkeling to Snuba (Look it up.  It looks awesome 😉 ), they are more than just a dinner and drinks boat.

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The Pride of Maui is a sight to behold.  She’s a massive 65 foot power Catamaran packed with a ton of room to move around, and I never felt like we were crowded or tripping over one another.

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As we lined up to board the gigantic ship we were given the standard safety message, and you could see that everyone was getting anxious to get underway.  As we began boarding, I was surprised as we were given a traditional Hawaiian type greeting from two members of the crew.  I was getting excited to start my mini-adventure and board the boat.

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Whether we were cruising at top speed or trolling towards the sunset, the Pride of Maui felt safe, comfortable, and I felt relaxed as the sun began its decent towards the horizon and bathed the sky in a warm orange umbrella.

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Being a dinner cruise, I was anxious to see what was on offer below the upper deck.  Directly in the center of the main area was a bar where the smiling and attentive bartenders mixed mai tai’s, poured some of Maui’s best microbrews, and served just about anything requested by the Pride of Maui’s thirsty passengers.  The lines moved quickly and nobody seemed to wait too long for their drink to arrive from the completely complimentary bar and their servers.

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The buffet style dinner service was both diverse and delicious, and they seemed to have something for just about everyone.  Fine dining and delicate serving china were told to ‘walk the plank” as we served ourselves flavorful and hearty servings of shrimp, and BBQ ribs, and honey glazed chicken complimented by the chef’s Maui onion tartlet and Kula strawberry shortcake on plastic plates.  It was so delicious, that I even forgot to take any pictures!  With all the fun and the good food, I will totally do this again. If you compare this experience to eating at a restaurant, I feel that it’s much more fun for about the same price.

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While we were eating on the upper deck, a group of whales graced us with their presence and gave us a show as we enjoyed our food.  Their performance of delicate dives and thundering blows were culminated with a massive whale breaching towards the sunset.  It’s like it was done just for us. And it was extra special because the whale season officially ended on days earlier on March 31st

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Maui is just amazing, and this is a truly wonderful way to enjoy it.  Next time you are on Maui, a sunset dinner cruise is a must!  Or if you are feeling a little more adventurous, give snuba a try or any one of their other activities. www.prideofmaui.com

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What I decided to wear for this awesome experience is the Tessa Dress by Lilly Pulitzer, which is made of cotton that is perfect for the humidity that we are starting to have.  It’s very breathable, and guess what!  Yes, it has pockets!  I also decided to be a little riskier and mix prints with the Lilly Lion Around Print bag, and the shoes are Frances Valentine from a couple seasons ago.

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A Sunset Dinner Cruise on The Pride of Maui

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