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The San Diego Comic Con International is one of the largest in North America. Comic Con began in 1970, here in San Diego, with an attendance of only 300 people. The location was undefined until 1991, and it was in this year that they moved it to the San Diego Convention Center. After the move, the attendance rapidly grew, now receiving around 170,000 comic fans of all ages. The growth has been so phenomenal that the city of San Diego has plans to grow the venue, primarily due to the sheer size of Comic Con.

San Diego Comic Con

Getting badges for the San Diego Comic Con is not easy.  They do an online lottery several months before the date, and it always gets sold out in just a couple hours. People from all over the world are jockeying for position and going to every length to be able to get one of these precious tickets.  Given this information, I’m sure you can imagine how exited I was when I made it to the final screen and was able to buy my badges!  Yes, I was jumping and almost crying with happiness. I could barely wait for my tickets to arrive which normally do so around 3 weeks before the convention begins.

In preparation for the date, it was very hard for me decide which costume character I wanted to be.  The first idea to come to my mind was dressing as Slave Leia from Stars Wars.   However, after thinking about walking around the show for two days dressed in only a glorified bikini, I decided that really wasn’t my style. It was around this time of deciding who I could dress as, when the beginning of the new season of Game of Thrones began. During the episode where Melisandre brought Jon Snow back to life, was the moment when I said “Ok I’m going to be her”.  I started looking for the appropriate dress online and I found one, but the quality wasn’t very good.  I decided to ask my Mom if she could make the dress for me, and she made it. The dress was perfect!!

The day of the event was finally here.  I was so excited that I woke up at 2:30am, and I wasn’t able to go back to sleep.  I started looking how I should do my hair, and I started getting ready I put my costume on. Now we’re ready to go there!!

The San Diego Comic Con is very famous because every day there’s tons to do.  If are lucky you can see your favorite actor on the panels where they present and discuss their shows.  It’s a great opportunity to see the “real” person, not just the “character they play.  There’s rooms all over the convention center with presentations, but one of the most famous rooms is the Hall H.  In these room they bring the panel from the most popular shows or movies. As you can imagine, that’s the room I was planning to get in, and I did it!  It took a lot of effort and patience, because there are long lines for everything. When you are finally inside, you can rest and refresh after waiting for hours in the sun.  When the panels started, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I can say this was a very good experience, because you are able to see how the actors are in real life.  I was able to see 3 panels including Fear The Walking Dead, The Walking Dead and Games Of Thrones. The panel that was the most fun was The Walking Dead.  You can tell they all get along very well, and they look more like a family than just coworkers.

San Diego Comic Con Panel

You have to be very careful how you plan your day, and you have a backup option in case you can’t do what you want to do. In my case, I planned one of my days, but I decided to wing it on the second day.  However, I learned my lesson.  You definitely need a schedule. On the second day I walked the exhibit room floors.  They have everything that you can imagine (and more) in merchandise.  Also, just walking around I found a lot of cool costumes, and the nice part is that everybody lets you take their pictures.

One of the best parts of the San Diego Comic Con is seeing all the costumes that people were wearing.

Also, I was surprised how many people took pictures of me and my costume.

Also, if you’re not able to get your badges for the San Diego Comic Con, there are a lot of activities happening outside of the Convention Center, like the Hall of Faces from Game of Thrones.  Check the agenda, and you also can be part of this event.

The only thing I can say this was an amazing experience, looking forward for next year, but now I’m already starting to worry about my costume for next year!  🙂

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