Suede Vee Neck Tie Waist Dress by Banana Republic

Vee Neck Tie Waist Dress Main
I’ve always loved the 70’s style.  Any chance I get to wear a retro dress with a pair of high boots, sign me up! 🙂  I was in Banana Republic the other day to look at some of the new collection (in particular a little cute blue flare dress which you’ll probably see later) when I saw this dress out of the corner of my eye.  OMG.  It was Insta-Love!

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Tangerine Fire by the Sea – Timo Weiland Collection

Timo Weiland 1080 635

I absolutely love this Timo Weiland Collection Red Fit-and-Flare Dress by Banana Republic.  Many of the sizes sold out quickly, but I was able to get mine by putting in the time.  I waited outside Banana Republic for them to open on the day they were released.  That’s normal right? 😉

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