Beach Treats – Kate Spade Colorblock Fiorella Dress

Colorblock Fiorella Main
This Kate Spade Colorblock Fiorella Dress is definitely my favorite Kate Spade dresses currently.  I love the colors and the dress is very flattering, feminine, and fun!  You just need to put it on and you instantly feel pretty.  The material is light and fresh making it a great dress for daytime activities.  The fit is perfect for most body types, but especially well suited for curvy bodies.  The Colorblock Fiorella Dress is comfortable to wear, resists wrinkles, and holds it’s shape very well.  

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Frolicking in Floral Strappy Dress – A Fun Day with Banana Republic

Floral Stappy Dress 1080 519
It was a sunny day today.  So I thought to myself “Why not go to the beach for some fun”?  The sky was a brilliant blue and the waves were friendly enough for a frolic. While my Floral Strappy Dress by Banana Republic dress was fresh and airy, it was made of linen.  I had to make sure I didn’t get it too wet.  However, I loved how the print stood out on the beach, and I received a couple compliments and some envious looks.

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Tangerine Fire by the Sea – Timo Weiland Collection

Timo Weiland 1080 635

I absolutely love this Timo Weiland Collection Red Fit-and-Flare Dress by Banana Republic.  Many of the sizes sold out quickly, but I was able to get mine by putting in the time.  I waited outside Banana Republic for them to open on the day they were released.  That’s normal right? 😉

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