Time Traveling with Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade

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It’s been a while since the last time I made a blog post. Today I decided to post one simply because this outfit was too irresistible not to do it. I have always loved the 60’s style, but because my type of body it’s hard sometimes to find the right fit.

While being at Lilly Pulitzer, I decided to try things that I have never typically worn. To my surprise, when I tried on the Lilly Pulitzer Donna Romper it was instant love. The romper is the perfect combination between style and comfort. It gives you the feeling of a dress but the comfort of shorts. It’s feminine and fashionable and it fits me wonderfully.

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In this case, I decided to combine my Donna Romper with these amazing Rochelle Kate Spade Boots which gives the outfit a groovy 60’s look. If you’re not feeling up to all the attention, and you just want to be casual just slip on your favorite sandals and you will still look awesome.

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I really can’t say how much I am obsessed with these boots!  These boots have everything that you need.  They are beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and OMG what about that soft leather! All that being said, what made me fall in love of these boots was the color.

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I was lucky enough to find the perfect sunglasses to complete the outfit. These Kate Spade Mackenna Sunglasses were the perfect add on. I always have liked big sunglasses and these ones definitely are.

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The sunglasses, a fun and fashionable romper, and these amazing boots all came together into an outfit that has easily become one of my new favorites.

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Time Traveling with Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade

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